2015 PRP Summary

Front End Development

Notification Center for Windows Client

File Update History

Show the history of file modification including file names, file paths and done-by-users.

Team Folder Invitation

Ask for your agreement before downloading team folders.

Problem Indication

Notify you if anything goes wrong.

Sync Status

Show the current progress of syncing.

Embedded Menu

An additional menu is cool and convenient.

Selective-Sync Enhancement

Enhance the usability for the tree view UI.

Allow folder expansion for both checked and unchecked input boxes.

Memorize your checked list after collapse and expand.

Back End Development

Single Domain

  • Removed www/soap/dav domain for usability.
  • Implemented Nginx redirection rule to support migration of the shared links with the old domain.

REST APIs for Win/Mac clients

  • Ported SOAP APIs for Win/Mac clients into REST APIs for new clients.

Server Backup Tool

  • Implemented backup of server configs and storage management.

Client Development

Notification Center

  • Designed to notify users about file changes.
  • Implemented inserting file events in DB for Windows and Mac.
  • Implemented new UI with jQueryUI for Windows clients.

Team Folders Enhancement

  • Designed to avoid insufficient storage.
  • Users will not start download until they gets notified and confirm.
  • Enhanced the selective-sync UI.
  • Designed data structures and DB schema to maintain the checked list.

Upgrade Visual Studio 2015

  • Upgrade project to VS2015 to support new Win 10 SDK.
  • Upgrade OpenSSL and Boost and integrated with Boost filesystem V3 API.
  • Removed obsolete SOAP API integration.
  • Implemented REST clients and Integrated with REST APIs.

iOS Encryption Module

  • Upgrade the encryption module and the iOS app to support 64-bit machines.